BoostECO development service is tailored to meet the specific needs of companies. The development actions begin with a company-specific situation analysis. Our services aim particularly at enhancing the company’s business, research, development, and innovation investments, internationalization efforts, and network expertise.

Business Finland Veturi companies

Pohjois-Savo leading companies

Pohjois-Savo and international ecosystem

International RDI funding opportunities

Sustainable growth strategy and resource management
  • Strategy documentation and strategy lifecycle check
  • Sustainability evaluation (SDG choices and actions)
  • Organization structure: roles and responsibilities assessment (internal and external)
  • Implementation: Workshops utilizing assessment tools, training, and sparring
Internationalization and market entry plan
  • International activities check
  • Internationalization strategy assessment
  • Go-to-market plan and market research insights
  • Implementation: Workshops utilizing evaluation tools, training, and sparring 
Business development through customer understanding (products + services)
  • Product + service portfolio evaluation (sustainability and market alignment)
  • Development methods and processes evaluation (customer-oriented insight gathering and design methods) 
  • Implementation: Workshops with stakeholders and training
Branding, communication, and marketing activities (material + presentations)
  • Evaluation and development of brand & communication strategy
  • Presentation skills
Network expansion and value chain creation
  • Evaluation of current networks and activity check
  • Mapping of network possibilities and sharing information on different networks
  • International funding guidelines (e.g. EU Horizon, Interreg)
Contracts and closing the deal
  • IPR related topics
  • Improving legal understanding and local regulations

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Jarmo Jalkanen, BoostECO, Project Manager

Jarmo Jalkanen

Project Manager

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Harri Holopainen

RDI Expert / SME Specialist

Joel Eskelinen, BoostECO, RDI Specialist

Joel Eskelinen

RDI Expert / SME Specialist

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