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BoostECO helps you to open new doors for your business in international markets, product and service development and new innovations.  We offer you a shortcut to prestigious Business Finland veturi programs of forward-thinking large corporations and their ever-expanding ecosystems. Leveraging a one-stop approach, we also provide you with the opportunity to infiltrate valuable international and regional networks, as well as access international financing. Make the best decision of the year  and contact BoostECO experts now!

Pohjois-Savo, Finland

Finland is a leading innovator in Europe and the Pohjois-Savo region is a strong innovator (EIS; RIS) committed to sustainable and resilient development – for our society, economy, and environment.

Pohjois-Savo is an approved Regional Innovation Valley. Our Smart Specializations are founded on the strong innovative competence within industry sectors and are advanced through the collaboration activities between the sectors. S3s are realized through the regional ecosystems, which are key cooperation actors in BoostECO.

S3s: Intelligent water systems, Food products, Biorefining, Forest industry, Machine and energy technology, Well-being technology, Tourism

BoostECO collaborates strongly with other business support organizations regionally and nationally:

Business Center


ELY Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)

Business Finland


Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo

Project information

The ability of SMEs to participate in leading networks varies. In addition to the actual networks, it is essential to identify and tackle the challenges of networking of SMEs. The ecosystem units that are under construction, and have been built by large Finnish flagship companies, have been found to be a very effective way to speed up particularly the development of small companies’ business operations and their access to the market. The SMEs’ opportunities for growing international business also increase through ecosystems. The measures of the BoostECO project are aimed at the wide-range competence development of SMEs. Through this, new know-how is created to meet the goals of the flagship companies.


The development of innovation activities within and between ecosystems aims especially at RDI investments but also at trans-regional openings between ecosystems. The measures support the creation of ecosystems in fields that have strong know-how and ability to succeed in international competition. North Savo’s smart specialization strategies and the clusters and ecosystems created through them play a significant role in enabling the growth and internationalization of companies. The BoostECO project utilizes the metacluster (SuperEcosystem) operating in our region to promote the companies’ internationalization and network-like operation, and to develop cooperation between identified and new ecosystems, also with digital tools. The goals of the BoostECO project are particularly aimed at the growth of the international business of micro and SME companies, the growth of the number of RDI investments of companies as part of cluster or flagship business operations, the birth of innovative and climate-sustainable business concepts, as well as at the introduction of processes that support innovation in SMEs and ecosystems through the cooperation and development of networks, ecosystems and clusters.


The results of the BoostECO project can be seen in the growth of the international business of micro and SME companies, the increase in the number of companies’ R&D investments, the introduction of innovative and climate-sustainable business concepts and processes that support innovation in companies and ecosystems, as well as in the cooperation of networks, ecosystems and clusters, and in the development of operations in general.


The BoostECO project is funded by Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo and EU.

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Jarmo Jalkanen, BoostECO, Project Manager

Jarmo Jalkanen

Project Manager

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Bailey Lähdesmäki

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Emma Incze

RDI Expert / EU Funding Specialist

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Harri Holopainen

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Joel Eskelinen

RDI Expert / SME Specialist

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Jarkko Pellikka

Veturi Collaboration Specialist

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